Friday, November 28, 2008

Random Pictures

Our first Thanksgiving as a complete family

We had a great first Thanksgiving together. Other than being sick it was great. It was fun seeing the boys eyes wide open to all the food..Kai said he has never seen that much food at one setting before. So that was pretty cool. I let each of them pick something they wanted to have for dinner. Ashley Yams, Madison Pumpkin pie, Kai Chocolate (of course). Shaylee bean casserole, Keagan BREAD.. He loves his bread.

The kids singing a song in Amharic

Monday, November 24, 2008

First Snow fall

We had our first snow fall today. To say the least my munchkins were very excited!!
They got together with a couple of neighbor kids and built their first snowman. Kai has been waiting for this day to come for about a month now. The kids are off all week because of Thanksgiving. So when I came home tonight all I heard from him is mom this has been the best day!!! I picked Keagan up from daycare and he wanted out of the car as fast as he could when he saw the snowman..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

We had out first set of conferences at school. They all went very well. Ashley is a 4.0 and even taking classes at the high school. Ashley you rock!!!. Kai is doing great. He is in a regular math class now as they said he is way ahead and doesn't need any help with math anymore. His reading is coming along he is is through with the first grade sounds, vowels, Etc. and now working in his 2nd grade level. They hope to have him caught up by the end of the year. I am still amazed each day with that boy. He is a awesome son. Madison is doing great too. And Shaylee is reading almost at a 2nd grade level which is great. I have awesome kids. I can't imagine my life with out anyone of them. They each have touched my heart in a special way. Proud mom!!!
I have been trying to shoot my Christmas card picture for awhile now. I think I finally found it. Yeah!!!!! So off to the printer it went.

Over the weekend we went to an adoption celebration for the boys. My home study agency celebrated each of the kids they helped bring home this year. 45 in all that is a big number for such a small agency. I met a few other families with ET kids.
The boys loved it, it made them feel very special. We got a really nice picture frame engraved with "Forever Family". They took family pics and gave them certificates.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is Kai and Lerato she was adopted by a single mother also, she is from South Africa and in Kai's class. She is new this year too..So it makes it nice for both of them.
The kids had a great time trick or treating. It only took Keagan a few houses to figure out what was going on. They loved it to say the least. They all are candioholics. Is'nt my little butterfly's cute? We even had a pumpkin pizza last night.

Ashley and Keagan carving pumpkins.

Madison carving her pumpkin.

Shaylee carving her pumpkin.

Kai carving his pumpkin. He was so excited to do it.