Friday, August 22, 2008


We decided to go camping as we do every year. So I packed up the van, five kids, three dogs and off we went. We weren't sure how the boys would do being they have only been here a month. What was I thinking!! They loved it. From cooking out to roastings Marshmallows to swimming all day to riding their bikes through the trails to sleeping in the tent they loved all of it. They loved hanging flashlights on their bikes and riding in the dark. When we left today Kai asked "when we go again mom"


Tara said...

Your family is just beautiful! It sounds like the boys are doing great. We have moved to Indiana, so we are pretty close to you now! Maybe we could meet in the middle some time!

J.R., Tara and Ki

jendabi said...

Wow! looks like a lot of fun....your kids are so cute. My friends thought i was crazy when i camped alone with my two small sons; i need to show them this blog. You rock!