Friday, October 10, 2008


Well It has been a month now since school started, soccer started, and I went back to work. We finally have a routine in our house. It does take some time with 5 kids.
Kai has since started 2nd grade. He is doing great. He is not so excited about all the home work and work in school. I think he was used to a more laid back school in Ethiopia. But he has done well with all the changes. He is very into sports which I love because I am too. He wants to play them all. He doesn't understand that a few of them may be at the same time and he would have to play only one. As Soccer and football. He is great at soccer and loves it but would really like to play football too. He doesn't want to pick one over the other. Having he and Madison in the same class has helped out with studying, remembering what needs to be done etc. He and Madison are also playing soccer for AYSO. They are loving every minute of it. We had to put Kai on a team with 4th graders as he was over whelming the 2nd graders. But we are about half over now. Juggling three kids in soccer, two in girl scouts and Kai in cub scouts has been interesting to say the least, but it has all worked out. Ashley's travel soccer team took 1st place in the Lansing tournament last weekend. They have a great team this year.
Keagan has changed so much, I am so impressed with him. It was pretty tough for him to go to the daycare preschool center he attends after I was off with him for the summer. He cried so much and he looked so scared when I left him each day. He thought it was a orphanage and I was leaving him there and not coming back. It took about 8 days for him to see I came back every day now he loves it and kisses me goodbye and says see you tomorrow meaning tonight. He was having trouble sleeping in his room for about a month too. He told Kai he thought I wouldn't be there in the morning when he woke up. So he would fall asleep in my room and then I would carry him in to his bed after he fell asleep. But it has been one week, now he goes to bed and sleeps in his own room. He has really opened up too. He can be a handful at times ( like any 4 year old can be)but for the most part he is so happy and a very warm loving little boy. He is full of energy but really has started to listen very well. Shaylee is loving first grade she loves being able to go all day now verses kindergarten. I had my first post placement report last week that was good to get out of the way.

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jendabi said...

I love reading about your family. Soon, hopefully, I will be a single mother of four(i have 2, ages 14 and 15) thru WACAP/Ethiopia program, and you are a role model for me. Your kids sound wonderful, I am so glad Kai is loving life, and Keagan is becoming more and more secure.