Friday, January 2, 2009

Playing hockey at the neighbors with the new skates


Jennifer said...

Kai is just so athletic, he picks up any sport, doesn't he? Of course the girls are experts.And Keagan is just so adorable....not too sure about the skating thing.

Sandee said...

Kim, your famly is so wonderful.... I love it. You encourage me!

SisterMom said...

Oh my goodness your kids are so beautiful! I just have a soft spot in for ET boys (my brother!). Mitmita is basically just a very HOT spice used in a lot of Ethiopian cooking. I got mine on My brother likes it spicy but doesn't really like mitmita, just peppers so who knows!

Tara said...

The boys are getting so big and look so amazingly happy! I miss them and would love to get together with you guys sometime!

tara, jr and ki

Laura said...

Those are great pics. They look like their having so much fun.
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