Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

What a Christmas this year. We had a great time, it was nice to just spend time with the kids. That morning all I heard were screams coming from the family room. Then it sounded like a heard of elephants running up the steps and jumping on my bed. All 4 were talking loudly at the same time trying to tell me about what the saw. "Come on mom come on" Keagan was saying as he was pulling my arm. "Santa left me BIG presents" as he showing me how big with his arms. "I said well go wake up Ashley and we can go down". So then the excitement went crazy. They opened up everything in minutes.It all was a hit!!! We all stayed in our pj's and played all day. It was fun. I am very thankful for my kids, I can't ask for anything better!!!!!

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Kerri said...

Wow, with only 2 (and only 1 really getting Christmas), I know what it was like here. I can only imagine your house. What fun!!! Love the pics!