Sunday, December 21, 2008

Putting the tree up

Well to say the least this is a very special Christmas, as our whole family is finally together. Every one of the kids are very excited about Christmas. I have to say Kai is so excited he can't stand it at times. He knows about the true meaning of Christmas he learned that in Ethiopia. He told me about times when he went out to find a little tree, brought it home and he made paper ornaments for the tree. He never had a gift given to him until he reached the orphanage last year because she was to poor to buy them any. :( The orphanage gave out coloring books and crayons. So he has his list this year. It is so unreal how Americanized these kids get in such a short time. So he went through my whole basement and found every light I have every purchased in my adult life and put them everywhere. He decorated the outside the inside and every tree he could get his little hands on. I finally had to put my foot down with three trees up in the house.
I took them to see Santa with out them knowing we were going. His jaw dropped the minute he saw him. He was so nervous he kept saying mom what did I want again.. I couldn't believe it. He spent a good 5 minutes talking with Santa and on the way out he said mom this has been the best night. They also had reindeer there to feed. Santa gave him reindeer food with magic dust in it to leave out in the snow for the reindeer on Christmas eve to help them fly all night.. He has it by his pillow ready to leave out. Gotta love it.. The innocence of a child. Keagan on the other hand loves Santa but doesn't really understand.

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Kerri said...

Kai sounds much like Medina. She is over-the-top excited about everything (although she had never heard of Christmas before this year). Every day we go over what is going to happen. So much fun to watch...